The Journey to Healing Properties

Curiosity brought me where I am today; I guess I was always a person with metaphysical interests. My first encounter with crystals (that I recall) was around the ages of 8 and 10, It was at Granville Island in Vancouver, BC; There was a gift shop and immediately I was drawn to an incredible Amethyst Geode, I remember it being big and beautiful;  Most of my spiritual happenings, awakenings, thoughts and dreams happened on my move to Alberta with my boyfriend. That’s when I started gaining inspiration, knowledge and creating a deeper connection with my spirituality and conciousness.

One of the most inspiring, educational and creative series that inspired me and brought me where I am today is Spirit Science; You can find their lessons and videos on their website or on their Youtube channel. They are a great source of information, if you’re just awakening and looking to gain knowledge, conciousness and awareness; They have lessons from Chakras to Sacred Geometry and more.

Image Credit: Spirit Science (Youtube Channel)

I started working for a spiritual store in Calgary in February of this year and have come so far since then; It feels as if that was ages ago. In March 2015 I started my own spiritual line of Healing Soaps; My first ever Healing Soap was truly all about protection, cleansing, positivity, stress-relief and love; Hence the name “Sage Lavender“. That is when Healing Properties got its name.

Ever since I started Healing Properties, my mind has been over-flowing with creations, ideas, knowledge and information. I began to create items with beautiful love and light energy, as if someone has been behind me this entire time, telling me how to make each smudge wand- what feathers to use and so on, what to add in each batch of soap, how to make my crystal jewellery, and that cleansing each and every bracelet and crystal was crucial to giving positive and light energy to others.

I believe that ingredients should be as natural and organic as possible, which is why I have created a line of Healing Soaps that are Vegan/Vegetarian, they’re GMO-Free, alcohol-free, naturally scented with pure essential oils and if any colours are used that it comes from a natural source such as teas, organic juices, natural pigments and or essential oils.

I am constantly creating and am always unstoppable when it comes to creativity. It is my drive, my passion and one of my love’s in life; Whether it is a tangible creation or a digital one, my mind is always creating.

If anyone has any questions I’m always open to receiving them, if you have any questions about spirituality, conciousness, awakening or crystals, shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram, or comment below.

Peace & Love

All footage/images in this blog are used legally for educational purposes and are protected by the Copyright Act of Canada (sections 29, 29.1 or 29.2)

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