New Moon in Scorpio

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Tonight on 11/11, the new moon is here, and it’s in Scorpio; In this time of new beginnings, the depth of our emotions and spirituality strengthen within us at times with overwhelming and intense emotions. It is a start of something new, new beginnings, getting to know yourself and connecting with oneself. Freeing yourself of any burdens; The new moon in Scorpio brings us new light and shedding light on the past and what is missing in our lives. We are breaking free, releasing our older skins and starting fresh. At this time Jupiter is keeping us positive-minded, motivated and ready for new beginnings. Jupiter is empowering us to make positive changes, try new things and enjoy life. This is a time for setting your intentions high, nothing’s far away, if we want it bad enough, (whether it’s travel, growing as a person, growing within your career, learning music, teaching….everything) it’ll happen. Manifest your ideas, creations, thoughts and so on, this is a time for dreamers.

Scorpio is associated with the water element/sign, we are intense, passionate and emotional. Emotions run high in this new moon and passion and our intensity is amplified. At this time we are being shown the abundance, good fortune, and truth, take this time to tune in to those energies, embrace them and welcome them into your life without fear.

I, myself am a Scorpio, and at this time I am actually feeling uplifted, incredible and having a good evening. Today was a little bit of a crazy day for me and in the end this is all about new beginnings; For me it’s a new path within Healing Properties, some newer products will be appearing in my shop and I can’t wait to share these with you! Stay tuned to see what the big reveal is!

The times for the new moon are listed below; This is the perfect time to meditate, reset our brains and have an awesome Thursday tomorrow.

New Moon in Scorpio times | November 11, 2015

 Los Angeles 9:47 am PST

Calgary 10:47 am MST

Chicago 11:47 am CST

New York 12:47 am EST

London 5:47 pm G.m.MT

Delhi 11:15 pm IST

Tokyo 2:45 pm JST (11/12/15)


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