Crystal of the Week: Amethyst

Amethyst is where my journey to spirituality began. I saw the first piece of amethyst when I was about nine years of age; I remember this day like it was yesterday…it was in Granville Island (Vancouver, BC) in a Gift Shop, that still remains there (to my knowledge). The reason I chose Amethyst to write about this week  – It’s one of the most powerful stones for me right now. My boyfriend and I had purchased three beautiful pieces of Amethyst from Silver Cove and immediately you feel the energy shift and change within the room. As if all negativity had been lifted; The air felt light and thin, it felt easier to breath, meditate, work out, do yoga and most importantly – Amethyst allows myself and my days to feel at ease.


Beautiful Amethyst from Silver Cove

Amethyst is a very healing, calming and spiritual crystal. It is the healing and calming that aid us with our day-to-day lives, some of the stress we feel and go through. If you’re feeling as if you’re running out of patience, or in need of balance in your life, Amethyst is a great solution. Amethyst works with our emotional, spiritual and physical selves to calm, heal, protect and uplift. It’s also helpful during tough times financially, if you’re dealing with legal problems/issues, if you have gone through depression or anxiety or have been struggling with addiction. Although it does help financially, It is not the best stone for prosperity. I will eventually do a blog about prosperity and abundance, stay tuned for that!

Amethyst opens the doors to the universe and connects you with the Divine; Opening up your Crown Chakra. Amethyst is used for psychic awareness, intuition and clairvoyance. Meditate with Amethyst to relieve stress, calm your emotions, balance your mood and chakras, promote creativity, passion, bring inspiration and bring protection- shielding you from negativity, negative energies and vibrating at a higher frequency. If you’re grieving over the loss of a loved one, amethyst is very beneficial when it comes to our emotions, sadness and stress especially.

A little bit of background on the crystal itself: Amethyst is of the mineral Quartz family, with a hardness level of 7. There are a couple of different varieties of Amethyst; African Amethyst, Amethyst quartz, Bolivian Amethyst, Brazilian Amethyst, Green Amethyst and Siberian Amethyst. Some of which aren’t entirely purple, such as Green amethyst. Brazil is the largest producer of Amethyst. This beautiful crystal is also found in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar, Canada (Ontario), and the United States (Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and Maine). In ancient times, Amethyst has been used in temple offerings for worship, to align planetary and astrological influences and in prayer beads.

If you’re interested in amethyst for meditative purposes, I am accepting custom orders for malas through my Etsy shop, email, facebook or you can contact me here: Request a Custom Order

Thank you for tuning into my Crystal of the Week, stay tuned for next week when we talk about Selenite.

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