Crystal of the Week: Selenite


Today I chose to write about Selenite; It’s one of the most powerful protective and enlightening crystals, and it always has been (for me anyways).

I sleep with a small, oval piece of Peach Selenite every night and it’s the most amazing thing- really…it has changed my life. I’ve been sleeping with this Peach Selenite for a year or so now; I lost it at one-point-in-time and it made its way back into my life.


My Peach Selenite – Uncarved

One day I decided to carve my energy into the crystal and really make it my own; I carved symbols of meaning, Reiki symbols and just went with the flow of what I thought should be carved into the crystal. In case you guys are curious as to what my Peach Selenite looks like, It’s pictured below. Please note, once Selenite is carved, the “white dust” the Selenite produces, washes off with the touch of your hands again. I’ll re-carve the shapes every now and then, you can still see and feel where the original carvings took place.


The first time I carved my Peach Selenite

~ // The Healing Properties of Selenite \\ ~
Selenite is a stone of protection, mental clarity, intuition, truth, manifestation and enlightenment. Some of the ways Selenite can be used is during meditation, having it in and around your sacred space and also carrying it on your person. It comes in handy for the focus we need during stressful times or when we’re making big decisions in our lives. Selenite lessens our distractions, confusions and stress while promoting mental stability and decision-making skills. Selenite is also a stone of truth- within yourself, within relationships and general honesty.


Selenite is associated with the Moon- After all it was named after the moon. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word “Selene”, meaning moon. Because Selenite has a strong connection with the moon, it brings us the protection we need while stabilizing our emotional well-being; Ultimately creating that stability and intuition which allows you to make conscious choices and decisions.

Selenite removes any energy blockages we have in us and within our sacred space. Selenite is so powerful, it can remove energy blocks within other crystals, stones and objects.



Selenite has a strong influence on the Third-Eye Chakra which makes it a stone of Intuition. This makes Selenite a great stone in energy work such as clairvoyance, past-life work, reiki and psychic awareness.

If you’re having trouble meditating, Selenite can assist you within your practice by aiding in mental clarity and focus. It’s a gentle stone that let’s the mind relax, puts the body and soul at ease during your meditation session(s). When working with Selenite constantly, it can provide surreal and clear meditations over time, which in the long run helps your spiritual development and intuition.

~ // Discovering Peach Selenite \\ ~
When I first discovered Peach Selenite, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen; It was absolutely magnetic. The energy surrounding the Peach Selenite pile was mesmerizing.

Selenite and Peach Selenite have a lot of similar benefits and healing properties. Peach Selenite works great with the Sacral Chakra, it’s a stone of incredible healing and transformation. It transforms all negativity and negative energies into love, peace, forgiveness and acceptance. It can also be used for self-awareness, self-esteem and willpower.

~ // Where Does Selenite Come From? \\ ~
Selenite can be found all over the world; Europe, North America, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. They have found entire caves in Mexico with incredible Selenite structures- they are large and absolutely beautiful. Picture walking on a bridge of Selenite. #BridgeofSelenite


Selenite Crystal Cave. Source:

~ // What is Selenite? \\ ~
Selenite is a mineral; a form of gypsum. There are multiple varieties and forms of Selenite- Desert Rose being one of them. With many different varieties of Selenite, each has their own healing properties, carry their own vibration and energy. Selenite can come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes (as seen above). Some Selenite is light yellow, peach, white, beige, green, pink, orange or transparent. It is a soft and gentle form of gymsum at a hardness level of 2.

~ // Other Uses for Selenite \\ ~
-Using Selenite to create a crystal grid.
-Opening the inner-self to the spiritual world and connecting yourself with the Divine.
-Restoring clarity and balance within your mind, body and spirit by placing a Selenite wand under your feet. To read more on how to do this, check out this amazing blog on Energy Muse “Selenite Crystals & Their Healing Properties“.



-Powerful during meditation.
-Can be used for Fertility; and when I say ‘fertility’, I don’t mean necessarily literally. Fertility is a term of spiritual, physical or emotional growth. Using Selenite to plant a seed and grow your ideas, hopes and dreams, essentially aiding in manifestation.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Crystal of the Week blog. I’m not too sure what next week brings. It could be a calcite blog, a rose quartz blog or a tourmaline blog- WHO KNOWS!, I just don’t know at the moment. Stay tuned for next week’s Crystal of the Week! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

All footage/images in this blog are used legally for educational purposes and are protected by the Copyright Act of Canada (sections 29, 29.1 or 29.2)

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