5 Reasons to Go Vegan

Hey Everyone!

I found some great and inspirational videos on veganism. I thought I would share these with you if you are looking into becoming vegan, don’t know where to start, don’t know the benefits or you simply have some general questions surrounding veganism, how to transition, or how to make utterly-delicious-cheesy-dishes without hurting animals, the environment or anything else for that matter. Did I just use the word “utter” in a vegan blog?…yes…yes I did…ANY WHO!!

(I’ll get to the videos in a second)

What do vegans eat? Where do you get your protein? What are some meat and dairy alternatives? What are some cheap meal options?
But what about cheese, pizza, or cheesecake?


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You mean there’s vegan cheese?

Surprisingly enough, I receive a lot of questions some of which made me realize that not everybody knows what the term vegan actually is or means. For example, on my partner’s Birthday, I went to a near-by Sobey’s to purchase a few things, as I approached the bakery, I spoke with a younger girl that worked there and I had asked if they had any vegan options for cakes available. She had given me a deer-in-headlights stare and simply asked “what kind of vegan?”.

“What kind of vegan?”

As we talked more she had mentioned to me she wasn’t aware the vegans do not consume dairy. she had gotten veganism mixed up with vegetarianism. As I explained politely what vegans consume, her exact reply was “oh, that’s difficult!”.

And that’s kind of what this blog is about. It is about setting your mind-set and being one with yourself and your beliefs. It isn’t hard if it’s what you believe is right.

I am by no means pushing anyone to convert to veganism, this is simply educational and if anyone has any questions on what I have written, the videos or where to get more information, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 I’m available on social media in the links below, or you can comment your questions below.

The first video I would like to share has been posted by Ralph Smart, some of you may know him as Infinite Waters Diving Deep on most of his social media platforms/channels. Including this video, all of his videos are amazing, inspirational, educational and positive. The reason I am sharing this video first is because it’s the video that changed my life. It’s the reason I wish I had changed my diet and life habits sooner, it’s the reason I am vegan today.

Just to clear up a few things before getting into the videos on myself being vegan. Currently I consume a vegan diet and avoid purchasing products that have been tested on animals or have animal bi-products…etc However i’m still learning, i’m still human, so let’s keep any judgments aside 🙂 that would be greatly appreciated. For example, due to certain circumstances I am unable to purchase new items to compensate for the ones I already have, I avoid wearing them unless it’s an absolute must and I am working my way to a completely vegan lifestyle when the funds become available to do so. I have now been eating vegan since October 2016.

Video #1
10 Reasons to Go Vegan By:
 Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)


The second video I’d like to share was posted by Mayim Bialik. Some of you may know her from Blossom, and some of you may know her from The Big Bang Theory. I am sharing this video because it demonstrates and shows facts about the meat and dairy industries in a non-graphical point of view – verbally. Basically, there are no scary pictures of what they do to the chickens, cows, pigs or horses.

This is also sharing a different perspective on how food gets to our plates and that nowadays a lot of kids are taught the words “Beef, Pork, Bacon, Striploin, Poultry”…etc without them actually knowing this is a part of an animal such as cow, pig or chicken.

Us as a society have become used to the fact that food gets on our plate and we don’t actually think about how, we just go with it. However, taking a deeper look into the industries and understanding them really shows us how many of us are ignorant or in-denial beings- myself included before learning about veganism and becoming one.

She also touches on the subject of most food producers and how they are producing the most (ex: chickens) for the least amount of money, which in the end makes them the most profit.

Video #2
Why I’m a Vegan By:
 Mayim Bialik


From what vegans eat to what we vegans wear. Video number three is all about going vegan and how to achieve it! The video has been posted by Koi Fresco and he has a great explanation on veganism. He also talks about how vegans get their protein, where vegans get take-out, going to restaurants as a vegan and basically an overall beginner’s guide to veganism. He’s a great inspiration and a great person to follow/subscribe for more information on other subjects such as spirituality, chakras, auras, personal topics (depression, anxiety..etc) and more!

Video #3
How to Go Vegan Today! (A Beginner’s Guide to Veganism) By:
Koi Fresco


One of my favourite YouTube channels and inspirations is Monami Frost. She’s tattooed, she’s a model, she’s an inspiration, AND SHE’S VEGAN! And so is her FAMILY! A lot of her videos show why veganism is important to her and her family as well as what she eats in a day. Check out her food vlogs for more information on vegan food ideas and inspirations. One of my favourite videos outlines how much of an impact the dairy industry has on young children and their health, is going in at number five.

Video #4
Monami Frost


This is a video I haven’t watched fully however it has really great points on veganism.  This video has been created by the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. He shares some great points on current eating habits, culture, hypocrisy and animal rights in general.

Video #5
101 – Reasons to Go Vegan – Presentation By:

BONUS Video #6
VEGAN ALTERNATIVES: Meat, Dairy, Eggs & Honey + MORE By:
Vegan Family TV


That’s all of the videos I have for today, I am thinking of starting my own channel to share thoughts about spirituality, veganism, Reiki, chakras, crystals, how-to videos and more. Let me know if you guys would be interested in that! I’ve never done something like this before so it would good to get some insight 🙂


All footage/images in this blog are used legally for educational purposes and are protected by the Copyright Act of Canada (sections 29, 29.1 or 29.2)

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