Where You Can Buy Cruelty-Free Shoes!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

As a new vegan I have been looking into this topic myself and thought I would share it with you guys! I have found some amazing options for cruelty-free shoes, some are vegan and some are vegetarian (due to glue), however they are still just as nice, just as comfy and made with compassion!

Wearing sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free clothing, accessories, footwear, make-up and body products is extremely important if we want to help the environment, be compassionate towards animals and not cause any harm to them, the environment or Mother Earth.

(skip to the dotted lineΒ if you don’t want to hear my story/rant, I won’t be offended πŸ™‚ )

Even before I started consuming a plant-based dietΒ (last year in October), I stopped contributing to the testing-on-animals industry a while ago, approximately when I was about eighteen or nineteenΒ years old. I had seen and heard what the animals go through and the make-up I wear is to make me “beautiful” or comfortable in my own skin, not to show off the cruelty that happens behind closed doors.

I believe that all energy is transferable. This means that if an animal had been tested on, harmed, or abused in any way and I am putting that shit on my face every morning, this is transferring negative energy directly into my system. And if you think about how long an average woman wears her make up per day, it’s a while. That’s how long the energy is being transferred. This is also the reason I had such bad acne – That and consuming insane amounts of milk and other dairy and meat products.


Okie Dokie! Enough about me, let’s get onto the shoes!

Now I know the shoes i’m about to share with you are not necessarily for Alberta’s winter weather, however they’re absolutely beautiful and you can purchase these for the Spring, Summer and Fall πŸ™‚ They’re made by a company called Insecta Shoes!


Insecta Shoes are Sustainable and Vegan

These guys are quite amazing. They transform recycled clothing, materials and plastic bottles into incredible, sustainable, uni-sex footwear! They are located in Brazil, however you can order the shoes online, pay using PayPal and checkout. Oh did I also mention they’re fair-trade?!

There are more amazing and sustainable choices out there!

I was searching the internet… up, down and sideways for vegan-friendly/cruelty-free shoe options. Below is a list of shoe companies that create cruelty-free footwear in a variety of locations!


Materials to Avoid: Fur, Leather, Wool, Cashmere, Down, Silk and Fleece (this is a form of wool).

Materials to Look For: Cotton, Bamboo, Polyester, Nylon, Polar Fleece (made from synthetic fibers), Rubber.


Sustainable Materials such as Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo

Great read on shoe adhesives and why some AREN’T vegan or cruelty-free. Click to Read
Hope you find the shoe you’ve been searching for!

Legend: V=Vegetarian V+=Vegan V+Opt=Vegan Options Available
Click the company names to be directed to their website.

Canadian Footwear
(Winnipeg & Calgary) V+Opt
(Canadian Shops) V+
Nice Shoes (Vancouver) V+

United States
Baby N’anya
Baby Shoes Only (California) V+
Kallie&Co (New York City) V V+
MooShoes (New York City & Los Angeles) V+
(New Jersey) V+
(Los Angeles) V+
Vegan Chic
(Los Angeles) V+

Bourgeois Boheme (London, UK) V+
Beyond Skin
(UK) V V+
Eco Vegan Shoes
(Netherlands) V+
(Italy) V+
Vegetarian Shoes
(Brighton, UK) V

Popular Brand Names
Adidas V+Opt
Β V+
American Eagle V V+Opt
(I spoke to an employee here and she mentioned that 90% of the store is vegan-friendly. There are only a few options containing wool)
(Brown’s Brand) V V+Opt
Baffin V+Opt
Bogs V+Opt
BrooksΒ V+Opt
Chinese Laundry V+Opt
Columbia V+Opt
Converse V (not vegan due to glue)
Cougar V+Opt
H&MΒ Crulety Free V V+Opt
Sketchers V+Opt
Melissa Shoes V V+Opt
Stella McCartney (London, UK) V+Opt

Vans V+Opt

Online Shops
Alternative Outfitters V+
Etsy V+
Zappos V+Opt

For more vegan shoe options, check out this site dedicated to vegan shoes as well as stores and companies that carry vegan options. They’re called Vegan Kicks!

I didn’t really know where to find affordable vegan shoes, even large companies have vegan-friendly options, that are just as good quality and as warm for winter as the fur options. For example Brown’s has their own brand called “Artica” that has synthetic made shoes with a rubber bottom and they’re super warm! Here’s an example:


Artica Shoes by Browns

I’m not entirely sure on the type of adhesive they use however, if you’re like me and don’t know where else to go and don’t like shopping online for shoes, this is a great option. I have a thing with shoes and don’t like purchasing shoes online, however i’m becoming more open to it as of late.

Hope you enjoyed my blog on cruelty-free shoe options, and hoping you guys use some of these options to your advantage. Remember, a step closer to veganism is a step closer to helping the environment and our animals.

If you aren’t quite ready to give up your shoes, everything is a process. There’s a time and place for everything and if you’re just starting out, don’t fret about it. My suggestion would be to educate yourself on the industries that you’re contributing to.

I recently got rid of my duvet, pillow, down jacket and other products due to the videos I have seen, It was a matter of finding a buyer. In my situation, I couldn’t afford to donate these items at the time and they ended up getting me a great pair of vegan-friendly boots, a winter jacket and three sweaters!

Love & Light to you all ❀
Be the best you can be.

All footage/images in this blogΒ are used legally for educational purposesΒ and are protected byΒ the Copyright Act of Canada (sections 29, 29.1 or 29.2)

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