5 Accidentally Vegan Foods

Happy Happy Wednesday!

Sending you all positive vibes and good energy on this beautiful day. Thought I would share some “Accidentally Vegan” products with you that are also healthy! Or semi-healthy, haha.

The term “Accidentally Vegan” refers to the fact that a food isn’t labeled “vegan” however is in fact vegan. In most cases when an ingredients list says “may contain milk” (for example), it isn’t actually in there, it just means that the factory producing this product also produces milk products and the possibility of trace amounts may be found in this product, however most times it isn’t likely. The companies basically have to cover their asses.

#1 Power O’s Cereal
These are a really great for a lighter breakfast cereal, I prefer the cocoa flavor as it adds that hint of cocoa in there. There are many benefits to consuming cocoa… and did I mention that these cereals also contain beans and lentils which are great for the digestive system and their filled with protein and fiber! On their website they are marked as vegan, however when in-store and looking at the packaging, they have not implemented this yet. Please note: they also have the “Honey Power O’s” cereal which isn’t vegan due to the honey.


Love Grown Power O’s


#2 Jordans Morning Crisp Cereals
These are seriously delicious and quite filling, they also make a really great breakfast! I always purchase the Chocolate flavor as it has these rich dark chocolate chunks that add that bit of sweetness to the rest of the cereal. Most of their cereals are in fact vegan, however they do have one that contains honey. I think you get the point that I really like chocolate in my cereal… haha


Jordans Morning Crisp Cereals


#3 Clif Bars
Most Clif Bars are in fact vegan. These are super great for camping, hiking, outdoor trips with the family and long road trips! We always have a few of these in our bags when we do outdoor activities. Some of them do contain whey, casein or honey, so watch out for these ingredients, however other than that, they’re mostly all vegan-friendly! If palm oil is a concern to you, please note that their palm kernel oil is also not sourced from Indonesia, where most of the palm oil is sourced from. Take a look at this read on their palm oil.


Clif Bars


#4 Nutiva Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
This is seriously tasty and we put it on our crepes in the mornings (mostly weekends). Add a bit of banana or strawberries into the crepes along with this chocolate hazelnut spread and you’re on your way! When purchasing this in the store, they don’t have the “vegan” label on there yet, however on their website it exists.


Nutiva Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


#5 Pasta
Not sure on the percentage here but I swear 90% of pasta or so is actually vegan. Most pastas are made without the use of dairy products or eggs which makes those pastas 100% vegan. I always double check the ingredients to be sure. I also find that once I like a pasta brand or the taste of a certain pasta, i’ll  just keep buying the same one to avoid reading labels 😉




Thanks Everyone!

All footage/images in this blog are used legally for educational purposes and are protected by the Copyright Act of Canada (sections 29, 29.1 or 29.2)

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