15 Random Facts About Me

Hey Everyone!

Before I start this blog, I want to send you all positive energy, light and love โค

I thought I would write a little bit about myself so that you can get to know me and maybe we can be friends haha. But seriously, there are so many bloggers out there and not many readers get to know the blogger themselves, so I thought I would write a few interesting and random facts about myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to learn a little bit more about my personal life, what I like, what I do for fun and my adventures and creations, just follow me on Instagram. I share a lot of my cooking/vegan recipes, Cosmo, spiritual posts, motivational posts and spreading light and love to as many viewers as possible. I love making people’s day ๐Ÿ™‚


#1 I constantly have dreams that come true
This seriously happens to me all of the time. Sometimes it takes a few days, a week or even a year, however they usually come true at some point in time. Of course not any of the nightmares, but a lot of the good ones come true ๐Ÿ™‚

#2 Iย dream every night
Sometimes I won’t remember much of my dream however I know for a fact that I dream every night, it’s quite rare for me to fall asleep and not be dreaming. Even during 30-minute power naps, i’ll be in dream land.


#3ย I smile when I sleep
A lot of people have told me I smile in my sleep, mainly my boyfriend notices. I also subconsciously feel myself smiling, and there are many nights when I meditate and fall asleep smiling.

#4 Iย have my Master’s in Usui Reiki
I have been a Reiki Master since October 2015 and have been practicing whenever and wherever I can. During my sessions I like to cleanse the space and any crystals i’ll be using before starting. I also heal and practice Reiki on Cosmo; Animal Reiki is quite powerful and dogs absolutely love it. He just falls asleep in my arms and won’t want to get up afterwards.

#5 Iย “finger paint”ย a lot of my beauty products
Iย don’t have any fancy brushes or anything like that, I prefer doing my eye shadow just with my fingers as well as my liquid foundation. I have brushes for my powders such as blush and bronzer. I also use all vegan and cruelty-free beauty and skin care products including shampoos and conditioners. If there’s ever an eco-friendly and Organic option for make-up, skin care products, or hair products i’ll choose that (still being vegan and cruelty-free of course). One of the eco-friendly brands I use isย made in Australia and they’re called Sukin. I use their shampoos, lotions and moisturizers. I love their brand a lot because it’s as natural as it gets, they don’t use parabens, they don’t test on animals, they use essential oils for scents versus perfumes (which can dry out your skin) and their packaging is all recyclable ๐Ÿ™‚


#6 Iย have morning rituals

To start off my day I either meditate, do yoga or I do both. Every morning before starting I cleanse with sage and ensure the area i’m meditating in or doing yoga is cleared. Some mornings i’ll even do a bit of animal Reiki for Cosmo. My set up every morning looks a little bit like the videoย below.

#7 Iย almost died when I was about 5 years old

I was really ill with pneumonia and had an extremely high fever. I remember laying on the couch, sick and unable to move much, and I also remember sweating a lot while being absolutely freezing. I remember asking my mom for blankets and sometimes it was okay, until my fever got too high thenย she would take them away and sometimes give me a cold bath to cool my body temperature. At the time we lived in a pretty hot climate so that didn’t help either.

#8 Iย can speak Russian
My background is Russian and Ukrainian, that’s how I know Russian. My family and I still speak it all of the time and it’s pretty much a given when visiting my older relatives as they don’t know English very well.

#9 Iย have allergies
I am allergic to cut grass, the smell of grass and basically grass in general. When I sit on it, i’ll break out in little hives. I’m also very allergic to hay, so any time we go anywhere in the spring or summer and we have to pass through a lot of farms, my eyes start watering, my nose starts leaking and my mouth gets all dry and itchy. I’m also allergic to dandelions and “cotton” trees (I think they’re called cottonwood trees). They’re everywhere in Vancouver and Calgary and the “cotton” just flies around and it gets to me quite quickly. Basically i’m allergic to spring due to all of the pollen haha.


Side note: this is why I was recommended honey from many doctors and naturopaths, a little every day gets me used to the pollen outside.ย For some reason none of the allergy pills work for me and i’m not big on pharmaceuticals and prescription medication so i’ll take honey over that any day!

#10 Iย am a Graphic & Web Designer
I graduated from BCIT a while back and have a little over six years experience in graphic design. I also have experience in photography, video editing, photo editing, illustrations, user-experience and user-interface design.

#11 Iย haveย minor OCD
Which makes me quite good at my job because It requires me to pay attention to detail. A lot of my OCD kicks in when there’s things that could break, for example if there’s a cup on the table and quarter of the mug is “hanging” off the edge, it’ll push my OCD over the edge and i’ll have to move it to a “safe and designated” area haha.

#12 Iย shave my legs every morning
I love the feeling of smooth, it just makes me feel so clean and comfortable. This probably isn’t too good for my skin, however I do lotion afterwards and it makes it that much smoother. I find that when i’m sleeping if they’re stubbly, it bothers me quite a bit, so yeah, that’s why I do it ๐Ÿ™‚

#13 Iย don’t like and don’t wearย pajamas
They’re nice, cozy and warm…however around the house I prefer leggings, a tank or t-shirt. Even in the winter!ย It does get quite warm in our place so pajamas are almost uncomfortable.

#14ย Sock-less
I love walking around with my bare feet, feeling the hardwood floor, it’s very grounding. I’ll only wear socks if i’m absolutely freezing, even then, in most cases I just grab a blanket so I can keep warm and be sock-free! ๐Ÿ™‚


#15ย I have visions
I have visions of people i’ll meet, or see them in my dreams or during meditation. I don’t recognize them until I meet them. I also have visions about how some items in life may unfold. A lot of my visions are extremely artistic and only I would be able to determine what they mean. I write my visions down a lot of the time, it’s mainly so I can look back and see how long it takes to come true, or some of them become of use later on in life. I’ll also get visions of objects, destinations and general outcomes. I wouldn’t call myself a psychic because I cannot see into other people’s future, past or present. I would say anybody close to me (close family, friends..etc) I would be able to see something however I don’t “read” people. If something comes to mind, it does, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

Let me know if you guys like “Random Facts” posts and i’ll be sure to post some more ๐Ÿ™‚
Have a happy week everyone!

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