Profile PictureKatie V | Jewellery Designer, All-Around Creator, Reiki Master

My name is Katie and I started Healing Properties for a couple of reasons- mainly being that my creativity is uncontrollable; It has been unstoppable for almost a year now and being able to share my creations with you- with the world, has become an absolute blessing on its own.

Secondly, I myself like using all-natural products, eating organic and living a healthy lifestyle, which is why as much as possible, my products are organic, natural, vegan and made with good vibes and positive energy.

I started my career in Graphic & Web Design and I am still very much in love with what I do. Healing Properties is the spiritual connection I have with the world.

Some of my creations you can expect to find in my shop are Vegan Herbal Soaps, Smudge Wands & Accessories, Crystal Jewellery, Chakra Products, Himalayan Bath Salts, Malas and More!

I am always accepting custom orders, whether you would like non-scented soaps, a custom mala or a smudge wand made just for you. Custom orders are available through my shop, via email or social media.

Healing Properties on Facebook | Instagram | TumblrTwitter | Etsy

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