Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order products if I don’t have an Etsy account?
If you are uncomfortable with using Etsy or don’t have an account, I accept orders via Facebook, Email and Instagram via email transfer.

Do you accept custom orders?
Yes I do, custom orders are available through Etsy, Email, Facebook or Instagram. If you are doing a custom order via Etsy, Click on a similar Item/listing you would like customized, then click “Request a Custom Order” below the gallery of images.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes I do, prices may vary on location.

How can I book an appointment with you?
You can book an appointment with me here. Please specify when you are available (date, time, what area you live in if you are located in Alberta)

Where can I find products by Healing Properties?
You can find my products on my Etsy Shop, at the Inner-City Underground Market (located at: 720, 17th Ave SW Calgary), at 7th Chakra (located at: 1301 – 17 Ave SW Calgary), and at Yoga Within The Heart (located in: Bragg Creek).

What can crystals do for me?
Crystals are Earth’s sources of enlightenment, magic, power and healing. Different crystals bring different properties; Crystals can help heal us through meditation, by carrying them with us, by wearing them, or by creating elixirs.

What is an elixir or “Spirit Water”?
You can infuse your water with crystals which give-off good energies, vibes and properties of that crystal. There are certain crystals that cannot be made into elixirs due to disintegration, such as Selenite. Other examples of crystal components not ideal for consumption include: copper, zinc, asbestos, sulphur, aluminium, nickel…etc. You can find a detailed list on crystals not to use for your elixirs or “Spirit Water” Here.

Where do you get your feathers from?
I purchase a large number of my feathers online, many of which come from farms or conservatories. For example, my macaw feathers come from a Macaw conservatory in Florida, where the feathers are naturally shed, hand-picked and mailed to me.

Where is your favourite place to purchase crystals/gemstones?
I really love going to gem shows happening in and around my area. One of my favourite places to purchase my crystals from is Silver Cove; They mine a lot of their own gems and crystals which makes it a little bit more affordable.

Do you have a favourite “spiritual” store?
One of my favourite spiritual / metaphysical stores to visit in Calgary is 7th Chakra located in downtown Calgary, just on 17th Ave. The amazing energy just hits you when you walk in and you don’t want to leave, when you do eventually leave, you end up wanting to go back right away. They provide a wide range of products and services, some of which are from Healing Properties. Earth Gems also offers a large variety of good quality gemstones and large pieces at a good price. One of my favourite stores to visit when i’m travelling is Utopia (located in North Vancouver, BC); They have an amazing selection of “everything spiritual”, if you’re looking for buddhas, organic clothing, incense, gems / crystals, singing bowls and more, this is the place for you! They also have a wide-variety of great services. If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area, another great place to visit would be Amethyst Creations (located on West 4th), I purchased my large Calcite from them and it’s absolutely beautiful.

When did you “awaken”?
I have always been interested, curios and intrigued by crystals, mermaids, fairies, stones and the world of spirituality. Ever since I was little, I always felt different; Being attracted to Spiritual stores at a young age, I wasn’t sure what all of this meant. I recall awakening my consciousness pretty recently, sometime before moving to Alberta (Summer 2014).

What puts you into a spiritual state- aside from crystals?
I am absolutely in love with trance music. Listening to trance, puts me in a trance, into an amazing-feel-goosebumps kind of feeling, every time. Music vibrates us and as we vibrate higher, we become more open-minded and able to receive information from a higher consciousness.

What do you do when you’re not making bracelets, bath salts, Reiki or meditating?
I am a web and graphic designer, that’s kind of how  most of my creative mind happened I guess. My hobbies include designing, I love feeling good and healthy- I enjoy working out, doing yoga…etc. I recently discovered a love for cooking and have always been interested in baking.

How did you know you wanted to be a Reiki Master?
I didn’t. I have been working with some inspiring people, following my journey and creating like crazy. Earlier this year (February 2015), I decided to learn about Reiki, and knew that one day this would be my path, however, I did not know I would be taking my Masters until about Summer 2015. I knew my path in life was to heal as many people and animals as possible. I also knew I wanted to help others reach their goal in becoming Reiki Level I, II or Master.

Are you certified in Traditional Reiki?
Yes I am, I am a certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher.