A small list of some of the products Healing Properties offers:


 ::Grapefruit Bar::  $6.50 each

All of my soaps are infused with organic and all natural teas and herbs. The soaps are prepared in a peaceful environment and filled with good and positive energies ❤

~Freshly Organic | 100% Vegan | Canadian Made | Natural Ingredients~


::Healing Properties Sacred Smudge::  $8.00

Bringing protection, purification, love, abundance, stress-relief, happiness, removal of all negative energy, positivity, light, peace and good vibes

The Cedar and Juniper are grown organically and hand-picked by me


::Cedar+Citrus Bath Salts::  $12.50

Cedar+Citrus Bath Salts made with Good Vibes, Essential Oils, Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts and Herbs. Scented with Juniper and Orange Essential Oils. Each Jar comes with a Clear Quartz inside. Sampler Packs available at $4.50 each


::Chakra Soaps::  $8.50

The Crown Chakra is bringing a state of bliss, tranquillity, light energy, inner understanding and balance. This beautiful soap brings mystical and sweet scents to your home and you. These are hand-stamped, hand-painted with gold mica and are naturally coloured using juices/teas, herbs, spices, or natural pigments See All Chakra Soaps


::Cedar Juniper Smudge Sticks::  $8.00

The Cedar and Juniper are organically grown, hand-picked and put together by Healing Properties


::Custom Malas Available::  $80 – $120

The Healing Properties Etsy Shop offers custom malas, using your favourite crystals. Each piece of Healing Properties jewellery is cleansed with California White Sage before handing them to the customer.